Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fresh New Server

Friday or Saturday we'll be making the switch over to our new server that Tim has been doing an amazing job of setting up and debugging our codebase for over the past few days. The new server will have more than enough bandwidth, hard disk space and RAM to handle things. We're also making somemajor upgrades and bug fixes that were big issues on the old server, such as putting a lot of the members area behind an SSL cert, making the switch back to Apache 1.3. The switch to Apache 1.3 means no more funkiness when you try and play samples really quickly. An even more permanent solution is in the works to make streaming and downloading songs you've already purchased even faster and more reliable. We're also making the jump to PHP 5 (one of the reasons debugging has been a big part of this), moving up to the latest stable release of MySQL 5, and updating FreeBSD to 5.4 (yeah L, A, M, and P all changed. Did I not just say major upgrades?). Its possible that there will be some down time because of the transfer. We're looking into ways of minimalizing the downtime. Most likely, it will be in the middle of the night when the site is pretty vacant anyway and it won't be noticable until you log in to your account the next morning and everything is super fast. We have some other things we've been working on today that will be posted up to the new server too.

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