Saturday, July 29, 2006

Player Problems Solved? Yeah...

Ok some times we all do some dumb things. You always look at the big things that could be causing problems instead of the really obvious small things, like not having flash installed in your browser! We did all kind of work to improve the communication between the JS and flash and built in JS object referencing compatibility for more subtle changes in browser versions. The obvious question we didn't ask people when they submitted this bug was do you have flash installed in the first place?


The flash embed that actually plays the samples is hidden. So you wouldn't even notice the missing plugin alert in FF. But, now if you don't have flash and you try and play , you'll get a javascript alert about it instead of a browser shoulder shrug. Player support for non flash enabled browsers probably won't make it in until the Beta. But for those of you out there like Tim who don't want flash but still want to be able to listen to tracks, a straight JS sample player is on the board.

Oh we're also working on a universal JS error handling system built on top of prototype (yet another thing we're working on. compressed versions of Prototype and scriptaculous.) that will elliminate the cold soviet javascript alerts. Instead you'll get a taste of "Hot Shits ™" (you'll have to ask Jro about that one) that will deliver your javascript feedback.

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