Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yay Migration! Weeeeeeeee!

So the migration is on its last legs. We got all of the bug fixes done last night. The DNS switch is still filtering down, so if you go to the site right now, you'll see the following message:

Amie Street has stepped out for a quick drink. Sorry about the downtime, we'll be back up and better than ever in a few hours. We miss you already!

If you can't wait for the DNS changes to filter down, you can get on the site by updating your hosts file with IP or just by going here. Why we didnt think to put that link in the little text do-hickey about, no ideas. Almost all of the changes are on the backend side of things, so you really won't notice them until a few weeks when we release so uber-cool new features built on top of this new jargon(Hint hint, if you have OCD like me, you ll notice that albums now have their own profiles).

One thing to notice right away, is way better searching. We did a lot of tweaking to mysql and took adavntage of some new stuff that is now available in version 5. So now searching for CX actually gives you the proper results.

There are still going to be some bugs. So if you come accross some funkiness, send us feedback or just post them as comments here on blogger and you could get youself some free shwagg. If you do post feedback on blogger, make sure to include your Amie Street username so I can get you credit and track down your bugs faster.

Now, as the little do-hickey message says, time for me to get a drink.

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