Thursday, November 29, 2007

Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux and the git source code control system) will tell you that if you use Subversion you are an idiot. I won't go that far, but git certainly saved the day this morning.

Around 10am, our sysadmin was performing a small upgrade to our office filer when Something Went Wrong™. Our filer holds a lot of data, including the source code that us engineers work on all day long every day.

If this had happened two months ago when we were using Subversion for source code control, we would have been off to the bar for some 11am drinks with no access to our source code. And we would definitely have been unable to complete the big release we're planning for tonight ( 320 files changed, 6937 insertions(+), 1636 deletions(-) at present count).

With git, however, we simply designated Jonah's virtual machine as the new central repository and went about our business, pushing and fetching our commits from there, with essentially no productivity lost. Below you can see how the "origin" remote got stopped in its tracks, but we just continued developing inside remotes/jonah. When the filer (origin) gets back up, we'll just push there, remove our jonah remote, and live happily ever after.

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