Monday, June 30, 2008

Facebook's next open source projects: Hive and Cassandra

A couple weeks ago, Jeff Hammerbacher from Facebook presented some details on Cassandra (see later slides), a structured p2p storage system similar to Google's Bigtable or Amazon's Dynamo. What is most interesting about Cassandra is that they seem to be preparing to open source it imminently. Jeff bookmarked two things on delicious last night:
  1. Cassandra: Welcome to your new Wikidot site

  2. Cassandra: A Structured Storage System on a P2P Network in Launchpad

Both sites are empty as of now, but it looks like they're planning on releasing the source some time soon using bzr for version control.

Another interesting Facebook project is Hive, a sort of data warehousing solution built on Hadoop. They've been discussing open sourcing this for several months now, but it looks like things are starting to happen with HADOOP-3601: Hive as contrib project.

On the non-Facebook open source front, we've got some news coming soon as well. We've made the decision to open source several of our internal tools under an MIT license - hold tight for more info.

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