Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Widgets

We released a few new player widgets today behind the scenes to test a few things out before we integrate them fully into sharing. Give them a try and let us know where you like them or not. To get the album or song id, just go to the share page for the song or album and get the last param on the URL. For example, the album id is DMcjWV2ZhPsx.


Single Song



bendalby said...

Hey guys,
Should/could autoplay work with these widgets? I've embedded on my homepage with autoplay-true (, but don't seem to be having any joy,
Best wishes,

Lucas said...


Just added that in actually. Also fix some overflow issues that would cause the scroll bars to pop up. Will be out there on Thursday night.


Anonymous said...


I'm a customer of Amie Street and was wondering if you could quickly explain what process you guys use to zip and stream files on the music download page. I have a client who needs to zip files on the fly, with the download starting immediately, and I was really impressed by how smoothly your user downloads run, no matter how much data (in Amie Street's case tracks or albums) a user requests to download at one time. If you can offer any insight, via a reply comment or blog post, it would be much appreciated!


P.S. Thanks for the email about the new downloading policy. It shouldn't affect customers all that much, but it's better than finding out the hard way :)

Anonymous said...

I like the album player. I use it on my Blogger site.

Helen Neely said...

Wow, I will check it out tonight when I get home. Thanks guys.