Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Music Player Issues. Argh.

Some of you may have noticed that we have some issues with our media player. If you try and click on multiple sample buttons quickly, you get a lot of issues with your navigation.

"So, what's going on and how soon will it be fixed?", you say.

We know what solution to the problem is. One of the guys who controls all of our server goings on the team, Tim, is in Italy right now. What we need to do is roll back to Apache 1.3 for Apache 2, due to prefork and a few other changes in the newest release that prevent multi-threading of PHP files. (It actually says in the PHP manual that you should not run Apache 2 on top of PHP, and the same in the Apache 2 manual) At the same time, we run everything out of Subversion, which must have Apache2 to work.

Quite a pickle.

Tim will be back in the Amie house on Tuesday and hopefully he can get the Apache roll back done on Wednesday or Thursday. After a few hours of digging around for a solution, I found this in the subversion FAQ:

"I run Apache 1.x right now, and can't switch to Apache 2.0 just to serve Subversion repositories. Does that mean I can't run a Subversion server?

No, you can run svnserve as a Subversion server. It works extremely well.

If you want WebDAV and all the other "goodies" that come with the Apache server, then yes, you'll need Apache 2.0. It's always an option to run Apache 2.0 on a different port while continuing to run Apache 1.x on port 80. Different versions of Apache can happily coexist on the same machine. Just change the Listen directive in httpd.conf from "Listen 80" to "Listen 8080" or whatever port number you want, and make sure to specify that port when you publish your repository URL (e.g.,

Source: Subversion FAQ

To wrap it up, I know the problem is frustrating, but we're working on it. Hopefully the problem will be a distant memory by next weekend. Kepp an eye out for more bug fixes and feature additions almost everyday this week.

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