Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Stuff July 23rd

Ah new releases. So fun to use, but what a pain when all your debugging time goes out the window when you synch to production and new problems pop up. The new Artist's store and profile pages don't require that a user be logged in to view them, which is good and bad. And the new shot url feature is also in for artist's store and profiles is also up and running. So here is the good and the bad run down of these two new features.

First, the bad. Making the artist's store and profiles accessible publicly has been a real pain to get running smoothly. Most of the method calls in the templates rely on the fact that the user be logged in. Sure, not a problem to re stack and get smoothed out. For some reason though, there is still a problem with some of the mthod calls to get profile data, if the user is not logged in. The short url's have of course caused some what of an HTML path problem. So, not all images are showing up properly quite yet. We're working on both of these right now.

And now for the long awaited GOOD breakdown, which why we decided to put these features in in the first place. By making the artist's store and user profiles public, artists have an easier method for letting people che ck out their tracks on Amie Street. When you combine this with the short urls, you get something really cool. So say I want to view an artist's store on Amie Street, for example say I want to get to Chachi's music store, an insanely talented local hip hop artist that's also a good friend of the amie street crew, all I have to do is type in and I'm at Chachi's store. Artists, you must log in to amiestreet, go to your studio and click on edit artist to set up your short url!

For user profiles, its pretty much the same deal. Say I want to view Elliott's profile. All you do is type in and you're there. Users, you also have to log in to Amie Street and edit your profile to set up your short url.

Ain't it slick?

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