Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fair Warning: If You Try and REC or Buy Your Own Songs

Fair Warning to All Users
We put a certain amount of faith in our users when it comes to building the community. We're pretty hands off. We have faith that users take their buys and REC's seriously. We need to measure demand accurately to price our stuff and if you try and game or blackhat around our system it kind of screws things up a little. But not for long, The alorithm is built to take that crap into account when it prices things. Come on, we're pretty smart guys and if you think you can get anything by Elias (excluding sarcasm and inside jokes), you need to check yourself in.

All that being said, we do realize that there are still other ways that you can try and game us. We will find out about it (one of the nice things about our sweet log analyzers and Elias who never takes his eyes off them). When we do, we aren't going to delete your account or any songs, REC's or buys. But, and this is the fair warning part,

Oh yes, a serious wall of shame is in the works. If you try and game the system and everyone else on the block, you're face will be glued to the wall of shame for everyone to see until we decide to take it down. Just keep it in mind.

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maskatron said...

I think your system is mostly game-proof anyway. RECing or buying your own songs really only benefits Amie St., especially in the long run. I can see how someone might want to give their tune a temporary boost by RECing it, but if it isn't any good, others won't buy it anyway.