Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Some of you may have noticed some problems on the site over the last couple of days. We're still in the middle of migration to our new server, which means all of the code in the main repository branch is in PHP 5. There was an accidental synch of some work from the repository to the current server, which is running PHP 4. Completely incompatible. So we had to do a rollback to an older local version from the 29th. A lot of changes were lost in the process. So if you ran into trouble on the site in the last couple days, let me be the first to say "our bad. we're sorry". We think that the remaining bugs have all been fixed now. All bug reports from feedback have been fixed or resolved. Someday when we have time and are fully on the new server, the site will have a bug report form to send bugs right into our bug tracker and somewhere on the site, you'll get to see the bug report and public work logs (i.e. what we're doing at the moment to fix it). We just can't do it right now on our current server setup. Damn you name-based virtual hosts and fsockopen for your hatred of them!

If you're still seeing bugs somewhere, or just want to chat up Josh and Eli for a bit, swing over to the feedback page and send them something nice.

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